Happy Holidays

December 19, 2022 / New Stories

2022 in Review

Allow us to share our review of the year with our 2022 film. The Lagoon neighborhood saw the lagoon waters fill and first villas complete. The new villa concept, Arc by Piero Lissoni, was unveiled, and sales opened. While Boathouses reached roof level, iconic structures rose from the iron shore.



A Successful Year

Thank you to the entire team, our trusted partners, and the community we have here in Provo and beyond for your shared passion for the South Bank vision. The year would not have been the success it has been without all of your support and dedication.  

A very warm welcome to all the new owners we have had the pleasure to meet this year, and we look forward to handing over more keys next year.  

We wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season from the South Bank and Windward teams.

DJI 0884

DJI 0884